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  • ZA

    ZA series petrochemical process pumps are single-stage, horizontally radial split volute casting pumps with feet below and single-entry
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  • WSY

    WSY series vertical glass reinforced plastic submerged vortex pump will stretch into the storage tank.
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  • PF

    PF series chemical pump, its body, cover, impeller, and components in contact with the medium handled are all made of die stamped
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  • IHF

    IHF centrifugal pump is designed to international standard, with pump body in metal casing lined with F46.Pump cover, impeller and shaft
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  • IH

    The G5 IH series chemical flow pump is a new generation of the traditional IH chemical flow pump The two have the same
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  • FS

    FS series horizontal glass reinforced plastic centrifugal pump features advanced and reasonable structural design
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  • FB

    AFB and FB series pumps are single stage single entry overhung anticorrosive centrifugal pumps. Combining the characteristics of
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  • CZ

    The CZ series standard chemical pump is a horizontal, single-stage and single-suction centrifugal pump witch conforms to such standards
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