Market Application · Pharma, Food, Brewing Field


Introduction of application Related pumps

• Aseptic design for upstream processes in biotechnology



• Sanitary pumps for milk reception



• Soft drink mixing processes 



• Transport brew to the filling station



• Beer processing to ensuring high hygienic standards

JMZ, FMZ series self-priming wine pump

SK series water-ring vacuum pump

2XZ series two-stage sliding vane rotary vacuum pump

2X series two-stage sliding vane rotary vacuum pump

FB stainless steel anti-corrosive pump

G series single-screw pump

2CY series general and stainless steel gear lubricant pump

LQFZ corrosive centrifugal pump

QBY air operated double diaphragm pump

DBY pneumatic diaphragm pump

QBK pneumatic diaphragm pump

LQ3G series screw pump

1-1B series underflow pump

LQ3A series rotor pump

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