Market Application · Petrochemical Industry


Introduction of application Related pumps



• well drilling, affusion, oil extraction and refining




• petroleum pumping, transfer and transportation




• transportation of poisonous and dangerous fluid




• water supply system for industrial production




• transportation of corrosive and abrasive fluid

LQRY series hot oil pump

CYZ series self-priming centrifugal oil pump

DBY electric diagram pump

CQB series fluoroplastic drive pump

CQ series magnetic drive pump

ZCQ series self-priming manetic drive pump

IH series chemical pump

KCB series gear oil transfer pump

IHF series fluoroplastic lining centrifugal pump

WSY series FRP submerged pump

FS series glass centrifugal pump

PF series centrifugal pump with strong corrosion resistance

FSB series fluoplastic alloy centrifugal pump

DB coolant pump

CQB-F fluorine lining magnetic pump

CQCB magnetic gear pump

MP magnetic driven circulation pump

1W series single stage vortex pump

WCB gear oil pump

BBG gear oil pump

CG self-priming screw pump

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